Tips and tricks to sourcing products to sell on Amazon

Welcome back to Book Flipper University! Today, we’re following up on last week’s sourcing haul. After scanning around 1,200 books at two stores, we ended up with around 50. Here are some sourcing tips and tricks to keep in mind using our last segment’s scouting trip as a baseline:

  1. Sometimes you’ll find a source that’ll make your week. The sources in this haul weren’t week-makers, but they’re certainly income-generators with a handful of $20-$40 books. You won’t always score big, but when you do (like we did last week with a $180 dentistry book we scored for a few dollars), it’ll put a smile on your face, and good money in your pocket.
  2. Aim for sources that will provide a 5 percent hit rate. Again, of the 1,200 or so books we scanned, we ended up with 50. That’s just shy of 5 percent, and a pretty normal day.
  3. Know when to walk away from a source. If you aren’t pulling one book for every 20-40 you scan, you may be facing a dry source. Or maybe the books are okay, but the prices are too high. Whatever it may be, pack up and head down the road to the next source. 
  4. Know which sources you can visit in one trip. If you’re heading to the next town over to check out a source, swing by other sources in that area, or on the way there. Make your trips worthwhile and aim to hit three or four thrift stores and libraries each time you go out sourcing. We only hit two stores for the sourcing demo on our last segment, but had we spent a full half day and visited two more places, we would have certainly doubled our haul.

Now that we’ve purchased some inventory, we’re ready to list these books. On our next segment, we’ll teach you how to manage your account and start making sales! We’ll see you next time. 


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