Welcome to Book Flipper University!

Interested in starting a successful used book business on Amazon, but aren’t quite sure where to start? During the first of our 15-part training, we’re going to walk you through the beginner’s basics so you’ll feel confident taking the first steps towards your Amazon bookselling adventure. So, settle in with us fireside, and let’s get started!

We created this course to turn your goals into realities, putting you on the path to making your first book sales within the first 30 days. As we cover the information designed to get you on the path to making sales quickly, we want to provide you with as much information as you need to feel comfortable getting started. If you are interested in diving deeper into the details along the way, check out the resources section at the bottom of these articles for helpful supplemental information.

Book Flipper University is divided into four segments that are designed to be taken one week at a time, but if you’re feeling ambitious, feel free to move at your own pace.


Week one, we’ll be walking you through the basics of how to set up your Amazon account and the tools and supplies you need to get started that fit your budget. We’ll also teach you some of the basics of sales rank and how Amazon’s fees work.

To note: setting up an Amazon seller account can take a few days, so if you don’t already have a seller account, we encourage you to begin that process as soon as possible to ensure you’re not stuck waiting on Amazon’s approval.

Week two is all about efficiency and finding those first few books. We’ll show you what tools you need to maximize your efficiency, including how to set up a barcode scanner and which apps and programs you should be using. Finally, we’ll take you along with us to a thrift store and outlet store so you can get a feel for the process of scouting and scanning books.

Week three, we’re heading back to Amazon to cover the listing process. We’ll go through a pile of about 50 books with you, sharing how to condition, price, sticker, and ship them, all while staying within Amazon’s fulfillment guidelines. Our goal for this week is to help you process your books efficiently so you don’t end up with a storage crisis in your home or office.

Week four is when we’ll dive into how to actually sell your books and how to track your progress and profits after your first month. We’ll go over what cashflow looks like and how to manage your sales within Amazon Seller Central.

Right now, you may know nothing about selling on Amazon, and that’s okay! Books are the perfect way to dip your toes into selling on the platform, and as an added bonus, the margins are really good. Once you become comfortable with the process, you may want to scale your business or take a different path getting into wholesale or other retail categories. Whatever your goals are for selling on Amazon, we’ll help you lay the foundation you need to achieve them.

We’re excited that you’ve decided to take this journey with us, and we’ll be here every step of the way to support you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by joining the Book Flipper Facebook group at​​, a community of over 18,000 individuals in all phases of the bookselling journey.


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